February 29, 2020

7 out of 10 Episode 35 - Forever Wars and Hot Spots

In this episode, Wilks and Wildgoose sit down to chat about the recently revealed next gen Xbox specs, and interesting statistics regarding player behaviour in the Mass Effect games. They also discuss the games they've recently been playing, including the rather horrible named Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and the rather brilliantly named, Wide Ocean, Big Jacket.

Rather than tackling a single 7 out of 10 game this week, Wilks and Wildgoose instead delve into their personal 7 out of 10 games - those games that are underrated and overlooked but are definitely worth your time, including Iron Storm, The Club and Lost Planet 2.

Will Wildgoose somehow bring up Clint Hocking?

Does Wilks champion a game no one has heard of?

Do you agree with their list of underrated games?

The only way to find out is to listen!


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*There are some definite issues with sound quality in this episode. We had some problems during the recording leading to some serious dips in volume and fidelity. Things have been fixed as much as possible and you can hear everything, but there is some distortion and background hum as a result.

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