October 25, 2019

7 out of 10 Episode 29 - Old Blood and Morning Glory

In this episode, Wilks and Wildgoose are joined by games writer and academic, Dan Staines to talk Clint Hocking's mysterious 12 year absence from releasing games and what the possible legacy of the rumoured Batman: Arkham Legacy could be. In games news, Wildgoose champions the alcoholic RPG, Disco Elysium and the trio dig deep into one of the best games in recent years (some would even say ever), From Software's masterpiece, Bloodborne.

Does Wilks screw up the intro and say that this is episode 30? 

Did Staines keep misnaming a monster as a polite euphemism for morning wood?

Does Wildgoose need to use his outside voice?


The only way to find out is to listen!


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*Apologies if the audio is a little choppy in this episode. It's been levelled and corrected as much as possible, but it's still not pristine.

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