October 4, 2019

7 out of 10 Episode 28 - Untitled Guest Game

In this episode, Wilks and Wildgoose aren't joined by anyone as their guest had to cancel at the last minute. As solace for the betrayal, the pair chat about the Kickstarter anti-union stance and the Apple Arcade. On the games front, Wildgoose embodies his namesake and terrorises a child in the Untitled Goose Game, and Wilks tries to explain the intricacies of the time travel, eternal Cold-War, German Techno turn-based X-COM rhythm game, All Walls Must Fall.

Does Wilks go through the entire hour without making any comment about Wild Geese?

Does Wildgoose cause Wilks to rethink his pathological backing of Kickstarter projects?


The only way to find out is to listen!


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